[DOWNLOAD] Real Estate Business Plan: Step-by-Step

by TJ Kelly Published Oct 27, 2017 · Last updated Jan 6, 2020

Real Estate Business Plan REMM Shannon Milligan.Ask any realtor—and most people in general—to describe their business plan in a few sentences, and you’re likely to get the same answer:


Real estate is a business. Agents are entrepreneurs. It’s naive—but understandably commonplace—for agents to lack a developed business plan.

It’s always a challenge to identify, quantify, and conquer our goals.

Here’s how.

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Real Estate Marketing Conference: REMM – Park City, Utah

by TJ Kelly Published Oct 26, 2017 · Last updated Oct 29, 2018

Utah Mastermind: Park City.“No handshakes!”

I must have heard those words a dozen times as the weekend wrapped up. For every person I said goodbye to, a handshake wouldn’t do.

It had to be a hug.

A hug between two professionals is a perfect depiction of REMM as a whole. It captures the connection and positivity exhibited by 20+ would-be strangers. It conveys a sense of success we all felt. The weekend. The atmosphere. The camaraderie. The people.

In every measure I can think of, REMM was a soaring success.

The Real Estate Marketing Mastermind retreat in Park City, UT is a yearly meetup/mini-conference of real estate industry professionals, hosted by the founder of The Snappack, as featured on Inman.com.

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TJ Kelly Featured on Snappack Live Interview about SEO & Content Marketing

by TJ Kelly Published Sep 4, 2017 · Last updated Sep 7, 2017

The Snappack Live.TJ Kelly, our Head of Development—ok, that’s me, I’m writing this about myself—was featured yesterday in an interview with Jason Frazier of the Snappack Live group. Snappack ranked #4 on our list of Best Facebook Groups for Real Estate last spring.

Jason interviewed me (for 45 minutes!) on this week’s episode of the group’s #SnappackLive web series about Real Estate SEO & Content Marketing, web CMSs, social media channels, and general modern marketing strategy.

I fielded Jason’s questions, plus several viewer-submitted questions in real time. Take a look at the video below, or hop around using the timecodes below!

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What is a Real Estate Sales Funnel? Step-by-Step Online Marketing & Lead Gen Guide

by TJ Kelly Published Jul 8, 2017 · Last updated Jul 8, 2017

Real Estate Sales Funnel of Miraculous Magic and Wonderous Wizardry! Pew pew pew!!

What is a Real Estate Sales Funnel? And what does it have to do with online marketing & lead gen?

Glad you asked.

A sales funnel is the buying process that companies lead customers through when purchasing products.

In online marketing terms, a Real Estate Sales Funnel is a series of web pages that customers navigate through, starting as anonymous visitors and ending as qualified leads.

Real Estate Sales Funnel of Miraculous Magic and Wonderous Wizardry! Pew pew pew!!

Real Estate Sales Funnel of miraculous magic & wonderous wizardry.

What does that mean for you?

Read on.

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Best Real Estate Facebook Groups 2023

by TJ Kelly Published May 24, 2017 · Last updated Nov 1, 2019

Facebook App Login.We found the best Real Estate Facebook groups. If you’re looking to talk real estate on Facebook, these groups are for you.

You’ve probably seen Inman, Placester, and others writing about their favorite Facebook groups for realtors, but we had to write our own.


Because Inman, Placester, and the others have to write their articles so they appeal to as many real estate pros as possible.

There’s nothing wrong with that (in a way, we do it too), but it means that their info tends to be broad, general, and sometimes vague.

Ours isn’t.

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How to Update Google AMP Cache

by TJ Kelly Published Apr 9, 2017 · Last updated Nov 1, 2019

Wondering how to update Google AMP Cache? It’s easy. And maybe unnecessary. Here’s how and why.

How to Update Google AMP Cache.So you’re using Google AMP. Cool, good for you. We do too. Just about everyone should.

Maybe it’s you’re trying to benchmark your long-tail SEO after Google’s BERT update.

Whatever the reason, you probably hate the way your AMP pages look. Yea, we did too.

So you start messing with the design and layout and you finally get your Google AMP pages looking good.

All set, right?

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Online Marketing Q&A: Facebook Page vs. Profile—Which is better for audience reach?

by TJ Kelly Published Jan 13, 2017 · Last updated Jun 22, 2020

Jan 12, 2018 — Facebook announced a major News Feed algorithm change. Take this advice with a grain of salt.

Which is the better place to host a weekly Facebook Live video series: your business page with 200 likes, or your personal profile with 800 friends?

Facebook App Login.

Page. 9 times out of 10.

Every single one of Facebook’s tools is set up to favor business via Pages, not profiles.

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Merrimack Valley SEO Company: Digital Marketing Experts

by TJ Kelly Published Nov 30, 2016 · Last updated Feb 2, 2018

Merrimack Valley SEO & Web Marketing. I admit it: I want our company to be known as the Merrimack Valley SEO experts.

I want us to be the go-to web marketing specialists for all Merrimack Valley-area local businesses and their SEO needs: both local SEO and national.

I grew up in North Andover. Two of my kids were born here and I hope to retire here. I love this area.

So it’s both selfishly and selflessly that I take aim at becoming the go-to for web marketing in the Merrimack Valley: it would obviously benefit my business to gain so many local clients.

But it would also benefit Merrimack Valley residents, helping the local business communities continue to thrive.

So here’s an in-depth list and writeup of each of our past and current Merrimack Valley-area SEO projects.

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