BS Detector List: Facebook Fake News Filters

by TJ Kelly

BS Detector List of Fake Websites.

If you haven’t heard yet about Facebook’s fake news problem, you should turn off Netflix once in a while. There’s real life happening out there.

Mark Zuckerberg says that it’s not Facebook’s job to decide what is or isn’t newsworthy, so the hope that FB is working on a real solution may be a little thin.

Enter: the B.S. Detector. It’s a browser plugin that slaps a big red warning label on any link pointing to unreliable news sources and again on the website itself once you get there.

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Merrimack Valley SEO & Web Marketing

by TJ Kelly

Merrimack Valley SEO & Web Marketing.

I admit it: I want our company to be known as the Merrimack Valley SEO experts. I want us to be the go-to web marketing specialists for all ‘Mack Valley-area local businesses.

I grew up in North Andover. Two of my kids were born here and I hope to retire here. I love this area.

So it’s both selfishly and selflessly that I take aim at becoming the go-to for web marketing in the Merrimack Valley: it would obviously benefit my business to gain so many local clients.

But it would also benefit Merrimack Valley residents, helping the local business communities continue to thrive.

So here’s an in-depth list and writeup of each of our past and current Merrimack Valley-area SEO projects.

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