Origin story

We’ve been helping clients succeed on the web, under one name or another, since 2007. It started with a laptop and a hobby.

Mxt Media First Website: Sweets @ UMass.What began as a fun side project on a borrowed MacBook Pro in 2005 has exploded into clients, industries, and success stories across the US.

Thanks to the magic of the Internet Archive Wayback Machine, we can show off our very first paying client: an ice cream shop, managed by the Center for Student Business at UMass Amherst.

We built this site in 2005 with no CMS, laid out with HTML tables.

Sorry, Google.


We have 8 primary people on the team, each with a breadth of experience to share. We also supplement our team with external vendors as necessary.


MJ and TJ run the place. They also happen to be married with 3 kids.

Mxt Media: MJ Johnson.

MJ Johnson

Responsible for new business, old business, and all business, these two spend their time making Mxt Media run smoothly.


Christa and Pat are the head writers and content producers.

Mxt Media: Christa Terry.

Christa Terry

Mxt Media: Pat Chadwick.

Pat Chadwick

Between them, they have a combined 25+ years of professional writing experience, including PR, SEO, and even a published book.


If we’re funny, it’s because Jimmy and Justin wrote it.

Mxt Media: Jimmy Craig.

Jimmy Craig

Mxt Media: Justin Parker.

Justin Parker

Comedians & video producers in one, their YouTube videos have tens of millions of views and were picked up by HuffPo, Yahoo & TV networks.


Any marketing project needs a strong foundation—solid code.

Mat Gargano.

Mat Gargano

Chris Collins.

Chris Collins

Mat and Chris have more than a decade of professional development experience: WordPress, PHP, CSS, Javascript & beyond.


We’ve had the pleasure of working with some outstanding clients. Below are a selected few of our favorites.

Mxt Media Client - Harvard Nieman Lab.

Mxt Media Client - Vic Firth.

Mxt Media Client - UMass Amherst.

Mxt Media Client - Merrimack College.

Mxt Media Client - Touchstone Closing.

Mxt Media Client - Schruender Real Estate.

We’ve worked for lots of B2B services, industrial clients, and educational institutions.

We’re proud of our work and our client base—80+ and growing.

  • AD Makepeace Company
  • American Society of Civil Engineers, VT Chapter
  • BioBridges, LLC
  • BlueDog Pet Care
  • Bob Thomas, Director of UX @ Liberty Mutual
  • Boston Wine School
  • Bōwst Agency
  • BRIDGE Energy Group
  • Brittivia Roofing
  • Cambridge Biomarketing
  • Craft Digital
  • DrummeRadio Podcast
  • Revenue Architects
  • Delphi Group
  • Daniel O’Connell’s Sons, Inc
  • Editorialicious
  • Erin Shea Dressage
  • Enjoy Life Leadership
  • Everyday Hearing
  • Evolving SEO
  • Fishnet Media Agency
  • Gardner Fire Fighters Association
  • Glexia, Inc Agency
  • Great Island Design
  • Helen Pickard, Political Campaign
  • Inhouse Worldwide
  • Inside the Circle Music
  • Intelligent Exit Book
  • Jacqueline Church, Food Blogger
  • Jackson Effie Coffee Cabin
  • Jeff Holmes, Professor & Recording Artist
  • Kevin M. Mitchell, Writer & Musician
  • Keybridge Web Agency
  • Law Office of Brian Harrison
  • Maiden Skis Manufacturing
  • McDougall Interactive
  • Merrimack College
  • Mindbridge Training
  • Minotti LA Agency
  • Monderer Design Agency
  • Morris Mechanical
  • North Andover Historical Society
  • North Andover Music Association
  • Oakmont/Overlook Marching Spartans
  • Patten Real Estate
  • Patti Engineering
  • Paragon Performance Health Training
  • PCI, Inc / FlatSixes
  • Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity
  • Pinpoint Laser Systems
  • Platinum Productions
  • Pollygone Travel
  • POWWOW LLC Financial Advisors
  • RealLiving Schruender Real Estate
  • Saint Mary’s High School Alumni
  • Sandwich Montessori School
  • Sarah Megan Photography
  • Slow Cubicle Death Podcast
  • Stan Limpert, Political Campaign
  • StudentCity Travel
  • Spartans Drum & Bugle Corps
  • The Collaborative Companies
  • The Spoon Diner Hopkinton
  • Tenon Tours Leisure Travel
  • Trellis Structures
  • Touchstone Closing & Escrow
  • Thom Hannum’s Mobile Percussion Seminar
  • UMass Amherst Band
  • UMass Amherst Band Alumni Association
  • UMass Amherst Band Parents Association
  • UMass Amherst Center for Student Business
  • User Interface Engineering
  • Valle Group Construction
  • Vic Firth Sticks & Mallets
  • Viewpoint CRM
  • Wah Lum Wellness
  • Wisteria Farms
  • Christmas in Salem
  • Zipjob Résumé


If you’ll forgive the corporatism here, these are our “strategic partnership” vendors. We have arrangements with these companies to collaborate, refer business, and in some cases, hire each other.


Whatever your industry, your customers will appreciate attention to detail and beautiful easy-to-use design from Progressio.

Creating an engaging and intuitive flow is imperative to communicating to the world your a business that cares about customer experience.

They don’t build websites. They build platforms to grow your business.

They’ve built websites for our clients many times, with no end in sight.

Mxt Media Partner: Chadwick Content.

Chadwick Content provides search engine optimization, content marketing, and website writing services to businesses of all sizes.

CC is based in Jackson Hole, WY. Their visionary, Pat Chadwick, spent more than a decade working for PR and digital marketing agencies in Boston, MA.

Few SEO practitioners can write like professionals. And even fewer professional writers can apply SEO correctly.

Chadwick has it all.


MethodLoft is a full-service video production company operating out of Boston, MA and Providence, RI. They offer affordable video production services as an alternative to costly shoots with large crews and slow productions.

They boast an strong number of clients, with an impressive success rate. Their efficiency and creativity make them a unique find in a crowded industry.

Any business looking to grow their brand should call MethodLoft today. You’ll be glad you did.