TJ’s (professional) origin story

Part writer, part designer. Part researcher, part performer, TJ Kelly is a unique talent in digital marketing.

TJ Kelly, 2020.I’m a nerd, a perfectionist, and and a performer at heart. I take that weird combination of traits and mold it into expert digital marketing campaigns.

I’ve helped my clients achieve broad success in real estate, biotech/life sciences, education, lawyer/legal, health & medicine, and industrial/B2B.

I’m in my 30’s. I teach marching band nights and weekends. I have 3 gorgeous children with my way-too-good-for-me wife.

I love science, design, writing, and performing (and marching percussion music). These things blend nicely into market research and content marketing.


I live and breathe this stuff, and I’ve spent the time to formalize my training in various services and tools.

The best part about these trainings and certifications is that they force you to think through the digital marketing methodology in tiny step-by-step lessons and exams. It really puts the work into perspective.

Appearances & Accolades

It has been one of my career’s highest honors to be asked to appear on various shows, podcasts, and blogs. I love these appearances, and I’ve very proud of them.

Real Estate SEO + CM with Snappack's Jason Frazier.
TJ Kelly Appearances: Snappack Live.

I was interviewed on The Snappack Live YouTube show by my friend Jason Frazier of Mason-McDuffie Mortgage.

Watch the interview

Jason hit me with a barrage of SEO and online branding/marketing questions, and I did my best to field them all.

That YouTube interview appearance inspired several others, and I’m eternally grateful to the Snappack for having me!

TJ Kelly Appearances: Onion Juice Promo.

TJ Kelly Appearances: Onion Juice Podcast.

My good friend Neith Mathweg—the Avuncular Podfather™—is the creator and host of the Onion Juice podcast, a weekly show for real estate agents.

Listen to the episode

Despite the odd name, OJ is a very popular, interview-style show for real estate agents and industry professionals.

For more than an hour, Neil interviewed me about the core principles of SEO and organic search visibility.

TJ Kelly Appearances: EasyAgentPro Promo.

TJ Kelly Appearances: EasyAgentPro Video.

One of my first ‘media’ appearances ever was a video I was featured in, produced by Easy Agent Pro, a SaaS/website platform for real estate agents.

Watch the video

The marketing team at EAP is—by far—one of the strongest and most forward-thinking in the real estate vertical.

I’m proud to have been in one of their videos with my friend Kelvin. We traded SEO myths and facts to set the record straight on real estate SEO.


I have a long track record of success, working on some challenging and rewarding projects. Below are a selected few of my favorites.

Prior to founding Mxt Media with my wife, I worked for several different agencies and in-house marketing departments. I was trained and gained experience in competitive industries and enterprise-level campaigns.

TJ Kelly Resume: Fishnet Media.

In April 2013, I became the Technical Director for Fishnet Media, a marketing and design agency in Portsmouth, NH.

I was responsible for all development and technical/experience direction.

I worked with a team of talented designers and guided projects along technical guidelines. I fielded all programming/development-related questions and problems from our many clients.

TJ Kelly Resume: McDougall Interactive.

In October of 2011, I began work as Director of User Experience at McDougall Interactive, an internet marketing company in Danvers, MA.

I oversaw day-to-day technical operations for 30+ client websites and web marketing efforts. I managed a small overseas team and directed all experience, design, and programming/development strategy for all 30+ clients.

TJ Kelly Resume: StudentCity.

Before Danvers, I worked from 2007-2011 as the lead designer and front-end developer for a StudentCity, a youth travel company in Peabody, MA.

During my time at StudentCity, I was responsible for the company’s web presence and identity.

I oversaw all public-facing web projects and directed the brand identity on the web. I guided the company’s voice in social media and personally managed many of our various social profiles.

TJ Kelly Resume: UMass Amherst.

I got my start at the University of Massachusetts in Amherst, MA, where I worked as a junior developer for the dot-edu Advancement Communication office.

I gained invaluable experience working with a talented team at UMass.

I’ve been creating simple, beautiful websites for more than ten years and I focus on user experience and usability in all my websites and designs.