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EAP users already know that Leadsites is the best website marketing platform for real estate agents. But once you get your EAP Leadsite running, then what? That’s where we come in.

EAP + Mxt Media = SEO Dominance.

SEO Dominance Package

We’re proud to offer Easy Agent Pro Leadsites customers a perfect organic search marketing solution — Leadsites SEO Dominance. Check this out…

The best way to rank a webpage for a desired keyword is to prove to Google et al. that you are the foremost authority on the topic. This is a ranking, after all. You need to be the best page on the entire internet for your topic.

Ok, but how? Our strategy is built on 3 major categories: links, length, and linger.

Local SEO Content Package

All real estate searches are local searches. Therefore all real estate SEO is local SEO. Most real estate agents should only worry about local SEO.

Real estate purchases, and therefore the searches behind, them are unique. Local SEO for real estate is all about local expertise demonstrated through local content.

We’ll give you detailed, informative, authoritative articles and resources for your neighborhoods. It’s easier than you think.

Social Proof Package

In 1959, RCA records released an album called 50,000,000 Elvis Fans Can’t Be Wrong. The record went platinum, selling more than 1,000,000 of its own copies. Social proof is a strong motivator.

Testimonials, ratings and reviews, endorsements, badges and logos, follower and subscriber counts, social shares, and business listing “citations” are just some of the ways real estate agents can harness social proof.

Your clients love you already. Let’s put that to work for you.

One-time Marketing Audit

You get it. You’re into this online marketing stuff. You’re smarter than the average bear. You just need a few pointers to get the ball rolling. Nothing crazy, just a quick phone call to get started.

We get it. We’ve all been there. And ya know what? We feel that way too sometimes. Don’t get us STARTED on Google’s algorithm updates. Sjoidrgjrgoiuagritbl!!!

But anyway, back to you. Just want a quick check-in on your marketing so far? Looking for a starting report that you can measure progress against once the rubber hits the road?

We got you. There are lots of ways we can help.

Ongoing Marketing Consulting

You’re a solopreneur, huh? Or maybe a small team looking to compete with the big dogs? It’s impractical to hire a full-time person for marketing right now.

You’re looking for a trustworthy, reliable resource you can count on for a few hours a day, week, or month to help with the day-to-day online marketing tasks that you don’t have time for.

That’s us. We’ve been that resource for dozens of companies, teams, and business people. And we’d love to do it for you, too.

We don’t do retainers. It’s way better than that.

Ready to go?

Maximize the reach & efficacy of your EAP Leadsite

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Not sure yet?

It’s cool. No rush.

Not convinced yet? Feeling indecisive? Are you the skeptical type? Or maybe you’ve been burned by an SEO snake oil salesman before. It’s cool. No pressure. We’re not going anywhere.

Why EAP Leadsites

We’re a real estate marketing company. We’ll work with anyone in or related to the real estate industry. But we choose to specialize in Easy Agent Pro, providing Leadsites marketing help to EAP customers.


Because Easy Agent Pro is awesome. They provide TONS of information about setting up Facebook ad campaigns, SEO & blogging, the works. If you’re interested in online marketing, not just online listings, Easy Agent Pro is for you.

These guys are out of control.

Their blog is updated twice a week with posts covering social media, Facebook ads, lead generation, SEO, and websites. If you subscribe to their email newsletter—and you should—you’ll get those posts emailed to you.

Everyone does email marketing, but not like these guys. We’ve actually referenced their emails before in our Local SEO for Real Estate Guide post.

Their emails are killer. And if you’re in the online marketing game—Facebook groups or otherwise—you need to step up your email marketing game. And their YouTube videos are a masterclass of real estate marketing.

The Wonderful Wizard of SEOz

Sorry. That joke is dumb. Let’s not dwell on it too long, ok?

The typical full-service SEO project typically includes these pieces: audit, competitive analysis, keyword research, technical & on-page, link building, and reporting.

For EAP Leadsites marketing customers, the technical & on-page can usually be skipped. The Leadsites framework is so good that it’s pretty hard to go wrong. The audit and keyword research pieces don’t take long—they always come back to real estate-related searches and your geographic area.

Leadsites integrates seamlessly with Google Analytics, so as long as that’s up and running, the reporting piece is covered. There’s lots that can be done inside Google Analytics to gain actionable insight, but as long as your GA account is tracking properly, you’re ok to get started.

That leaves two.

Competitive Analysis

Everybody’s competing against Zillow, Realtor.com, Redfin, and the other major players. And of course, you’re also up against other local agents. You have to know what game they’re playing before you can beat them at it.

For example, we discovered that our competition has 510 words per page, on average. The SEO case studies say that the top 10 Google results average 2,000+ words per page.

That reveals an opportunity. We wrote longer pages than our competition. It’s only one factor, but it contributes to the goal: we’re more likely to outrank them. Without a competitive analysis, we would have missed that opportunity.

Link Building

The man himself—Tyler Zey of EAP—personally recommended to our CEO TJ Kelly that local real estate websites should build links using the Cup of Coffee method—find local community members and connect with them in person, presumably over a cup of coffee.

The searches are local. The merchandise is local. The people are local. Connect with them honestly and supportively. Links to your website will be a bonus side effect.

Let’s talk.

No sales pitches. Seriously.

Got a few questions? Want to make sure we’re not already helping your competitors? Whatever the reason, we’d love to hear from you. Give us a call—978-566-1445—or fill out the form below. We hope to hear from you.