How to get Seller Leads with Facebook Ads: a modern twist on a classic Real Estate sales strategy

by TJ Kelly Published Mar 10, 2019 · Last updated Mar 10, 2019 195 Views

I find it helpful to go with surprising imagery and/or messaging in ads. I’m a big fan of stuff like “DON’T BELIEVE ZILLOW!” Though that doesn’t help with targeting.

As so many have said, targeting would-be sellers is really tough.

Let’s look at how you can…ahem…inspire them.

How to target sellers

You can’t. Not reliably, anyway.

Facebook kinda sucks at predicting likely sellers.

So what to do?

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Social Media Explained with Donuts: 2019 Version

by TJ Kelly Published Feb 22, 2019 · Last updated Feb 22, 2019 2,026 Views

Doug Ray lives outside Tampa Bay, FL. He published a photo on Instagram in 2012, and you’ve probably seen it.

Doug didn’t know it yet, but his photo was about to go viral.

The gram shows a hand-written list on a whiteboard, with a 2012-standard Instagram filter and black boarder. It had a short caption and a few hashtags— #socialmedia #socialmediaexplained… and #socialdonut.

Buzzfeed, Business Insider, and FunnyOrDie republished it within a week. Before long, AdWeek wrote about it.

Even The Atlantic referenced it in a piece about Google Plus.

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Spy on your Competitors: How to See any Facebook Page’s Ads

by TJ Kelly Published Jun 28, 2018 · Last updated Jun 28, 2018 3,210 Views

Spy on your Competition's Facebook Ads: Screenshot!As of this week, it’s free and TOTALLY EASY to spy on your competition. Facebook just rolled out a way to see ANY Facebook Page’s ads.

Starting immediately, it’s now incredibly simple to find competitors Facebook ads and see exactly what sorts of creative and copy they’re using.

It’s almost like your very own Facebook ads gallery, where you can go window shopping to see what your competitors are doing.

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Real Estate marketing is complex. Here’s how to simplify it.

by TJ Kelly Published Jun 14, 2018 · Last updated Jan 6, 2020 403 Views

There’s no rocket science in Real Estate marketing. But there are a lot of moving parts. And every week, there’s a new startup or conference promising to revolutionize the industry.

So what do you do?


Arm yourself with knowledge. You won’t have time to do it all. Plus, you probably didn’t go into real estate because you like Facebook ads. You have a real job. Marketing is just one of the necessary tasks.

But when you educate yourself on all the best tools and strategies for real estate online marketing, you’ll be better equipped to decide where to spend your time and money for maximum ROI.

Ok cool. But how do I learn?

Glad you asked. That one’s easy. Here are a few examples….

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Real Estate SEO Podcast Interview: Onion Juice

by TJ Kelly Published Apr 9, 2018 · Last updated Apr 16, 2018 781 Views

I took over a podcast this week. My good friend Mr. Neil Mathweg handed me the keys to his Onion Juice castle, and I ran with it.

Neil interviewed me for almost an hour. I explained how real estate agents can maximize their search engine optimization and increase exposure.

We even went into how SEO started and how it has evolved, a few best practices and several tips that realtors can implement today.

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